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About the Artist

Welcome to BeautifulBagsEtc. I invite you to read about me and why I offer my handmade handbags to you.  If you have any questions at all, please feel free to contact me via email by clicking the Contact Me button or via Facebook Messenger by clicking the Message Us button for immediate attention. I'm almost always available during normal business hours in the USA.

My creativity began as a child sitting beside my Grandmother while she skillfully operated her treadle powered sewing machine.  It was absolutely fascinating to me as I watched and listened to her song of needle, thread and fabric.  Such began my journey of sewing and tailoring classes, which continued all through my school years, eventually leading me to independently owning and operating a residential furniture re-upholstery business. 

Throughout my 35 years in this business, I also enjoyed creating leather and tapestry handbags for family and friends and now design and create them on a full time basis since retiring from upholstery work.

Everything you see in my online store is hand crafted by me personally in my residential workshop from the initial concept through completion. All of my handbags are sewn on various industrial machines and a commercial embroidery machine. My main focus is creating unique and quality handbags for women of discerning taste.

I work with the best of leathers, first grade tapestries and durable fabrics all produced in the USA because I want you to experience the real difference to imported, over-priced, functionally inferior, mass produced handbags.

My hope is that you will find a handbag here at BeautifulBagsEtc that you fall in love with not only the way it looks but also the way it works.

Best regards and pleasant shopping!!

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