April 26, 2017

So, what's so special about BeautifulBagsEtc handbags? Lots of bags are beautiful.  Isn't that just a bit presumptuous to name them that in the first place?  And how do you justify charging so much money for them? 

Those are just a few of the questions I get asked about the handbags I make and I’m happy to answer them because there are quite a few things, as a matter of fact, that make them special.

The most significant point to make is that they are not mass produced. They are all made one at a time, by one person who happens to be very experienced, highly skilled and a talented artist.  At least, that’s what people tell me.  I truly enjoy expressing my creativity designing and making these bags but what is even more satisfying is sharing them with others.  It is an absolute joy when a new BeautifulBagsEtc handbag owner emails me to let me know they’ve received their new bag and how delighted they are with it.  Most will tell me they’ve never owned or even seen such a bag like the ones I make and typically add that it truly is a “beautiful bag”!

What is it, specifically though, that makes them different?  It’s design that combines function, form and aesthetics, not just on the outside but also the inside. 

BeautifulBagsEtc handbag linings are made of sturdy canvas or upholstery weight fabrics that are further supported by bonded interfacing, making for a very structured, functional and long serving interior.  Comparatively, other bags have linings that are basically an after-thought and made of dark, thin and flimsy fabric that shifts around and makes it hard to see and find the items that are in them.

Another significant design feature of BeautifulBagsEtc handbags are pockets which are always generously sized and double layered with leather top edge trim for maximum function and durability.  Pockets of mass produced bags, most made in China might I add, are small with limited usability and tear out rather quickly.

I’m betting you have thrown away a handbag because the straps and edges have cracked and peeled, right?  That’s because simply painting the edges is a cheap and easy way to give them a finished look.  You will never see this technique used on BeautifulBagsEtc handbags.  Handles, straps and edges are created the same way they were before fine craftsmanship was replaced by mass production.  BBE handles are folded and stitched so that they are comfortable in your hand and straps that won’t dig into your shoulder. Wear your bag the way you want to; it will always function to the highest standard: yours.

Genuine leathers, luxurious tapestries and quality hardware are never substituted.  Unlike fashion trends that come and go, every one of a kind handbag is artistically created for you to express your own personal style.  Shop for a bag that fits you and be your beautiful self with a BeautifulBagsEtc handbag!

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