March 08, 2017

Mandala - a symbol of wholeness and sacred geometry, a cosmic diagram reminding us of our relationship with infinity, existing within our bodies and minds and beyond. 

Have you ever noticed the similarities of the mandala design and a peacock’s feathers?  Just look how cute they are together in this beautifully stitched embroidery on genuine electric blue leather and peacock print fabric handbag.

These doctor bag style purses, also known as Mary Poppins bags, are so very popular.  The reason is convenience and function with an easy open and shut spring frame design which gives you a full view of contents.  This bag also sports a secure zipper pocket on the back side for your cell phone.

That voluminous interior lining is a heavy duty, natural cotton canvas, so durable! Two generous slip pockets to stash keys, lipstick or other small accessories.  Those soft, cord style handles slip easily and comfortably over your arm.

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