It’s Just a Handbag

It’s Just a Handbag

September 20, 2018

Why get so fussy about a bag? It’s just something we use to carry things with us. Who cares as long as it does what it’s supposed to, right?

Wait, what exactly is it supposed to do then?  It depends on each one of us, but typically the most important thing is that it carries legal documents, such as driver’s license, check books, credit cards. Yes, those are legal documents that need to be kept securely. 

Then there are all the personal items that we need throughout the day. Some of us carry day planners, iPads, zipper pouches with cosmetics and of course our phones and keys, all of which should be easily accessed and organized within your bag.

So, since the function of a handbag is important, shouldn’t the outside be also?  Yes, but why?  Because, like it or not, people subconsciously notice and assume things about us from our appearance.  Have you ever made a quick run to the store in sweat pants, t-shirt, no make-up and hair a mess only to run into someone you’d rather not see you that way?  Sort of embarrassing, isn’t it?  How about the cashier at the checkout lane?  Ever notice the way they attend to you when you’re dressed nicely?  See, the point is that a handbag is part of your attire and says things about you.  Why wouldn’t you want it to express your personality just like the clothes you wear?  You are unique and your handbag should be also.

It should also be important where and how it’s made. Do you ever check the tags of the things you purchase?  Most bags, including name brand designers, aren’t made in the USA unfortunately and don’t contribute to our economy.  If the mass produced bag you bought on sale malfunctions, will the manufacturer repair or replace it? Do they care about your satisfaction or more about their bottom line?

On the other hand, buying from an independent artist is money well spent.  You know you’re getting a quality product because the maker knows a flawed product reflects directly on them and their skills and labor. More often than not, you’ll know exactly what a handbag is made of and who made it.  That should make you feel rather special, don’t you think?

Buying a handbag online is getting easier and much less risky these days. However, the unfortunate part is that you can’t feel the luxurious texture and softness of real leather nor the rich aroma that is so easily recognized.  Here again is the advantage of considering handmade. Simply contact the maker.  Independent artists are delighted to send out a sample of their wares and they’re always happy to answer any questions you have.

So, is it just a bag or is it an accessory that requires significant consideration?  If you agree that it’s not just a handbag then you should definitely consider a BeautifulBagsEtc bag because I’m THAT fussy about a bag.

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