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Vishnu Kalaga Embroidered Ren Faire Cottagecore Bag is created in a gold damask chenille tapestry, trimmed out in thick sage green bullion fringe. 

The vintage Kalaga panel features an embroidered Hindu God Vishnu focal point surrounded by string, sequin, bead accents and lush mauve string fringe.   Adding to the charm and character of this one of a kind bag expect some occasional flaws as this harvested panel is not newly created.

You’ll find a convenient cell phone pocket in the generous lining of polyester striped satin with a soft sheen.  An extra wide adjustable strap with leather trim allows you to wear cross body, hands free style.  This bag closes with a scratch resistant, heavy duty nylon zipper closure with a companion leather tassel zipper pull.

Kalaga embroidery is an artform that emerged in the mid-19th century during the Konbaung dynasty in the reign of Mindon Min when velvet became fashionable at the royal court.  Typical tapestries are padded figures sewn with a combination of metallic and plain threads and adorned with sequins, beads and glass stones onto a background depicting a figure or scene, traditionally from Burmese classical plays.


Width – 14”

Height – 13” (without fringe)

Strap – 1 ¼” x 54” (max. length)

handmade in USA