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With cooler weather fast approaching, it’s time to cozy up with a warm and snuggly Fur Bag.  Offered here in 4 color ways and 2 sizes, these bags are a limited edition.

Cornish Rex named for its curly fur and Siberian for its long and silvery fur are both wide bottom bags and will accommodate all the essentials and more.

Mint Roses and Snuggle Pink are the mini version for the minimalist. Both style, though, hug your body like a little kitten with just long enough straps to carry cross body.

Cornish Rex and Siberian Measurements:

Base – 11” x 4 ½”

Height – 11”

Strap – 2” x 42”

Mint Roses and Snuggle Pink Measurements:

Height and Width – 11” x 11”

Straps – 2” x 44”

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